Meet the team!

Madhavi Desai

Madhavi holds a Masters in Industrial Sociology & Management from Purdue University, USA.

She had the honor of being invited by the Greenwood Press, New York, to publish her thesis in their textbook called, “The Politics of Industrial Recruitment”, 1990. Her study focused on the Japanese automobile industry in the USA.

Madhavi pioneered education counselling in India and created the 1st ever counselling firm in India. 

Several Universities world wide regularly fly her to their institutes expressing their research facilities, pedagogy and facilities.

While many counselors double up as agents by representing universities, from day one Madhavi refuses to tie up with any universities whereby her guidance remains completely unbiased

Madhavi Desai

Iris Madeira is the founding partner and COO 1991.  Her experience spans over 10,000 students, across all degrees and numerous major's.

Iris Madeira's personal passions have engaged her voluntary efforts as a member on the Board of Advisor's and as a Supporter to many non-profit organizations viz. Centre for Civil Society, India-FNST Alumni, Liberal Youth Forum-India, Praja Foundation,  Association of Youth for a Better name a few.

Madhavi Desai

Sharon Basak holds a Bachelors in Art (specializing in dual majors of Psychology and Sociology),  In addition she completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from The Xavier's Institute of Management. In 1997 she joined MDCPL and has been with us for over 20 years.  She has diverse knowledge and experience and successfully managed applicant profile across all practices – UG, MS, PHD, MBA. Today she Heads the Department of Life Sciences. She has successfully helped applicants to programs in the fields of Oral Biology, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Architecture, Physical Therapy, Biotechnology etc. In addition she is an MBA Specialist too and successfully assisted students in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and the likes. Overall she has successfully counselled over 1,200 students in the last 12 years.

Madhavi Desai

Nicole Rodrigues, has worked with Team Madhavi Desai since the turn of the century and she has garnered immense knowledge of many Universities and their application procedures all over the world.  She has periodically visited the United States to familiarize herself with the requirements of most of the Universities abroad. Throughout her distinguished career, Nicole has encouraged and guided a great number of students in search of UG/MBA/MS/Diploma/ and Associate Degrees in almost every field, be it Business Management, Engineering, Humanities or Social Sciences, successfully finding the appropriate niche for each and every hopeful student. Armed with this vast repertoire of knowledge, Nicole has now chosen to focus primarily on Undergraduate Students. Her gentle persuasion, cheerful demeanor and impressive gamut of knowledge, will only give confidence to the young aspiring minds and motivate the entire UG cell of of the Team