We have successfully guided prospective Master’s Degreeapplicants with their admissions and financial Aid.

Our expertise and research experience is considerable…hence here is some advice when researching and shortlisting your Universities…

The first questions you need to focus on are - which country, degree and major interests you. Next review the available choices and begin a comparative study and analysis, eliminating Universities and programs that do not fall within your broad interests.

If you plan to compare 50 to 100 master degree programs independently, you need plenty of time to be able to complete a thorough and in-depth review. The trick is to explore early. We recommend that you begin exploring colleges 18 months ahead of the term and date you want to be on campus.

Beware, no matter how popular a portal/website is and no matter the level of sophistication of their search engine, it cannot finalize your universities for you. Do a small test and you will find after hours and hours of surfing you still are unsure of the choice that the search engine provides. If you are ill, would you go to a medical search engine and take the medicine prescribed to you? IF your answer is no because it is your life at stake….then do not rely on some search engine for your college - after all your career is at stake and your career is your life!! If you get you Master’s degree from the wrong university you are unlikely to go back and get another Master’s are you? Then get it right in the first attempt!

The portals have not personally guided students and do not have the experience that Madhavi Desai Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has, our search engines are real and experienced advisors. Madhavi Desai Consulting is a real guidance service and there is nothing virtual about it, there are real people with tried and tested answers for your queries.

Almost 60 percent of the students that register for our help have come to us after spending over 60-100 hours surfing the net and then with arms thrown up in sheer frustration...

And just like websites, the experience of your senior’s or cousins successful admissions is no guarantee that yours will be too. Their advice is based on their own personal situation and background and needs.

“New Trends New Majors’ - In the recent past we have seen a change in trend wherein students are exploring diverse majors other than their parent academic background and we have been successful in guiding them towards admissions.

We have helped students with diverse majors including fields such as :

Engineering Fields: Computer Science, Information Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Management Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Telecommunication Management;

Biosciences and Allied Fields: Microbiology, Immunology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Food Sciences, Chemistry, Neuro-biology, Food Science, Neuroscience, Public Health, Health Administration, Physical Therapy;

Other Fields: Financial Engineering, Business Analytics, Advertising & Public Relations, Animation, Anthropology, Mathematics, Architecture, Construction Management, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Integrated Marketing Communication, Interior Design, Law (LLM), Literature, Psychology etc…