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Should you pursue an Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree abroad?

Banker, lawyer, engineer, fashion designer, animation, film making, and architect --- you can choose a career of your choice.

In India even a single point difference in your percentage makes the difference between your dreams of becoming an engineer or not. But you can significantly increase your chances of pursuing the career of your choice by choosing from thousands of international universities. And it’s not only your percentage that counts. You can present a number of other factors in your quest for admission.

As soon as your Grade 10 exams are over, begin exploring the options of pursuing the Bachelors degree overseas after the 12th grade. This two year head start will enable you to plan the application process well in advance, assist your parents in their financial planning and ensure that you do not lose focus in the final months of the run up to your 12th grade board examinations.

And those of you who have already embarked on their undergraduate degrees here in India, have the option of pursuing their academic career overseas as Transfer Bachelor’sstudents.

In selecting the Universities you would like to apply to here are some factors to consider:

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